Why Pika Kids Is The Best Pre-School in Noida?

What do you envision when you think of a pre-school? You must be afraid that your child is too small to be placed in a structured environment or will she/he be capable of coping with separation. We know that there are several questions in your mind when you decide to send your little ones to the pre-school. You think of the environment, safety, and health but with Pika Kidz you don’t need to worry about these things. Pre- school not only provides your child the exposure to letters, numbers, and shapes but also helps to develop their social and emotional skills. Pika Kidz is the Best Day Care in Noida to help your child in his/her overall development and here are the reasons why:
Comforting and Warm Environment: Pre-school is often a kid’s first experience away from parents’ love and care. It is very crucial to be sure about the school’s environment. Pika Kids provides your child a healthy, loving, friendly and safe environment. We ensure that your child feel happy and engaged in the school. Activities are designed in a way that every kid gets to interact with each other and teachers to develop their social skills.
Spacious & Attractive Classrooms: You must not want your baby to be in a small and tightly packed room with dim lights. Every parent wants their child to grow and learn in a healthy atmosphere and infrastructure plays a significant role in building such atmosphere. Pika Kidz offers your child air-conditioned and spacious classroom to learn and to play at the same time. Design of the classroom ensures the space for movement and not crowded with the furniture as your tiny tots need space to explore around.
Passionate Teachers: When your toddlers are away from you, you want them in the safe and smart hands. We have really passionate, caring, loving and qualified staff. Along with the wonderful campus we have amazing teachers and administration that make the program happen. Child will feel happy and secure with teacher’s warm and caring personality. So when you look for Best Play School in Noida, then head to Pika Kidz.
Active Learning: Small children learn best by experiencing or doing through play and discovery. It is an important characteristic of our pre-school. Lots of arts and crafts, reading time, dance, music, outdoor play and exploring natural world are very important to young children and thus Pika Kidz- the Best Activity Center make sure to organize all these activities on daily basis.
Encourage Creativity: kids get more opportunities to build their creative minds through activities designed in school. At Pika Kidz, concepts are taught in unique ways keeping in mind the appropriate age requirement. Children get exposed to varied experiences that let them explore the limits of their imaginative and curious mind.
So, whenever you think of sending your child to the pre-school then consider the points above and you’ll not find the better option than Pika Kidz- The Best Play School in Noida Sector-76